31 Universal Spiritual Principles

31 Universal Spiritual Principles

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31 Universal spiritual principles is inspired by the teachings of world renown and master teacher Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center. These principles and affirmations will assist you in understanding and embodying the ageless wisdom of spiritual principles. It will answer the most fundamental questions about the purpose of life, the laws governing abundance, the nature of joy and the true meaning of love. Finding world-centric perspective of life in these teachings will empower you to fully express yourself with more creativity and peace of mind. The pocket book format will serve you like a faithful mentor in your journey to the mastery of love and freedom

***All proceeds from this book will go towards Sahel and Sahara Peace and Empowerment***

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  1. Angelle Clarke

    A powerful message on powerful pages. This book is going to remind you to ignite your spiritual power as never before. The time is now. Get this book.

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