Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Our Story

More than 98 millions adolescent girls around the world are not in school. That’s a lot of dreams cut short! UNICEF reports that besides their financial hardship, menstrual hygiene is of significant need for those girls. The goal of SAGE Project is to empower young women through education. With your generosity, we are able to provide menstrual hygiene and scholarships because education is the pillar of health, financial freedom, empowerment and world peace.

Our Passionate Team

Our Board

Fatimata Sanogo - Founder & CEO

Dr. Fatimata Sanogo was born and raised in Dori, in the sahel of Burkina Faso. She received her PhD in epidemiology from the University of Southern California. She founded Sahel Sage during her graduate studies, pulled by a vision and her commitment to help increase women’s power and influence and address health inequities, particularly for women in the sahel.
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Katie Walther - Advisor

Katie is a mother, grandmother, a nurse, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and a Persian Gulf War veteran who keeps her passport in her purse at all times. She was one of the first volunteers on the ground following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
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Ryan Browning - Strategic Advisor

Ryan originates from the Washington D.C. area and is the by-product of a military family. Born on Joint Base Andrews, MD, he has lived in 10 cities across 4 different continents over the course of his professional life from serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa to working as a Global Management Trainee with Mercedes-Benz in Germany and China.
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Carine Kadeba - Health Promotion Director

Carine was born and raised in Fakena, in the Mouhoun region of Burkina Faso. She speaks French, English, Bwamu and Dioula. In her my spare time She likes to volunteer in the community, read, run, cook and hang out with friends and family. Growing up she experienced that so many girls did not have the same educational opportunities like her.
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Our Fellows

Sawadogo Sidi Amed

Ahmed Sidi, also known as Sidi, is an young entrepreneur in construction and public work, as well as a board member of heart centenary of the Lions Club International. He is very proud and excited to be a member of the sahel sage team because he is committed to supporting avenues that enable girls access to education and their emancipation.    Sidi believes that Burkina Faso is a beautiful country with great potential and one of its biggest assets is its youth, especially rising young women. Their education is necessary to help restore peace in the country and provide a foundation for the entire population to thrive and the country develop economically.

Pranav Kulkarni, PK

PK is an academic coach and has been teaching students one-on-one and in large groups since 2006. PK’s philosophy is learning by doing; he empowers students by nudging them in the correct direction so the focus is on understanding the solution rather than simply arriving at the answer. He specializes in Economics, English, History, Math, and standardized test prep.

Fadima Cisse Sanogo - Project Evaluation Lead

My name is Fadima Cisse Sanogo and I lived my whole life in Dori, in the Sahel of Burkina Faso. I speak excellent Fulani (my native language) and French too. I have two daughters and a son. On my free time I love uniting family ties and visiting relatives because I have a big family.
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Amadou Sanogo (Amed) - Outreach Coordinator

My name is Amadou Sanogo, and I go by my nickname Amed. I am a native of Dori, Capital of the Liptako in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. I speak Fulani, my native language, French and a little bit of Moore. I am a huge fan of electronics and computer science.
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Our Staff

Shannon Potter

Ms. Shannon Potter was born in San Antonio, TX and raised in what used to be a small town, Helotes, TX. She serves as the Chief Philanthropy Officer of Sahel Sage. Ms. Potter has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration for Management from The University of Texas at San Antonio.
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Jordan Bigler

Jordan is a filmmaker, actor, and builder. He has a passion for connecting cultures and capturing the beautiful moments that connect us as a global community. His work behind the camera has been selected at film festivals across the US and his film Amazon Arising has screened in three continents to thousands.

Kevin Trommer

Kevin Trommer is an accomplished communications and public policy strategist with over a decade of experience working with nonprofit, public agency, private sector, and Fortune 500 clients to advocate for systemic and organizational change. As a global education advocate, he pushes for robust and effective policy frameworks that foster innovation, impact change, and advance equity. Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in political science with an emphasis in Comparative Politics and a minor in African Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he graduated Cum Laude with honors. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys gourmet cooking, crafting artisanal hot sauce, and making music.
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